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Boost your marketing with AMBS Data Marketing

At AMBS, we believe that the quality of data, its availability and its effective use are key success factors.
That's why we've created a solution that goes beyond simply providing data. Our intelligent data platform is designed to give you instant access to rich databases of millions of contacts, facilitating your marketing approach.


Data accuracy and detailed information :

  • Benefit from accurate and constantly updated databases, guaranteeing unrivalled quality.
  • Explore detailed information that goes beyond simple contact details, with data on habitat, socio-professional categories, purchasing appetites and intentions, for targeted and relevant personalisation.


Instant Access and Total Automation :

  • Get instant access to contact-rich databases via our platform, simplifying every stage of your campaign.
  • Automate the counting and delivery process with our fully automated platform, leaving you free to focus on the essentials.


Multi-channel campaigns in one click:

  • Rent our data for multi-channel campaigns, covering channels such as email, SMS, WhatsApp, RCS, telemarketing and post, for maximum reach and relevance.
  • One-click deployment across a range of channels, from digital to traditional, for optimum delivery of your message.


Dynamic CRM rental or enhancement :

  • Put our data to good use by renting it out for one-off campaigns to optimise your market presence.
  • Choose CRM enrichment to optimise your customer base, improving the quality of your interactions and boosting customer loyalty.


Immediate response and absolute flexibility:

  • Get immediate responses thanks to our platform, eliminating waiting times and maximising the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Benefit from total flexibility to adjust your strategy in real time, allowing you to optimise your marketing efforts at every stage, simply by modifying your targeting and segmenting campaign after campaign, or as a common thread.


Measurable results :

  • Measure the impact of each campaign with tangible results, backed up by accurate, usable data.
  • We can help you choose the best data for your specific needs, and create segments on request.

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Our direct approach and innovative platform can drive your acquisition marketing, internal data strategy and multi-channel campaigns.